Watching videos online.. It’s quickly becoming one of our guiltiest pleasures. Whether you like the newest viral videos or funny cats after a long day to help you unwind, here are 10 Websites to Watch Free Videos that I have put together to help you out with your video choices.

Free Videos


#1 Videosurf

Videosurf navigates through millions of videos online and can pinpoint scenes in movies to help you find a specific scene that you want to see. This helps you find that one moment in a film that you have been thinking about but can’t quite find for yourself. Allowing you to search, discover and, watch more videos online. Videosurf offers a fire-fox add on that makes your video viewing experience easier than ever.

#2 YouTube

We’re all familiar with youtube by now, being the #3 ranking website in terms of traffic. Owned by Google and controlled by you it has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. It allows the user to upload their videos and see how the internet masses like their creations.
#3 Hulu

Hulu shares content from over 260 different media sources such as: FOX, NBC, ABC, Lionsgate, Comedy Central, MTS, Sony, ETC.. Bringing you all your favorite hit TV series that you missed or just can’t get enough of.

Hulu offers 100s of movies and documented from your favorite production studios, 100% legal and subscription free!
#4 Veoh

Veoh is part of a group called Qlipso who is focused on sharing and social features on their sites. Designed with the user in mind Veoh is providing worldwide digital entertainment to the masses. Allowing users to share their flash based content with other users, it creates a “family” feel as they put it.
#5 MetaCafe

MetaCafe is different in the fact that the videos on this site are not allowed to be uploaded by anyone and everyone. The uploaded videos go to reviewers to be passed or declined. MetaCafe offers shorter clips that dont consist of full shows or movies chopped up into segments. They focus on the viewers entertainment.
#6 Viddler

Viddler is more of a branding site that allows you to upload your videos for personal or professional uses. You can promote your brand by sharing and embedding your videos and getting seen by other users like yourself. With fully customizable players you can share your views and comments with others on their videos.


#7 is a hosting entity for independent broadcasters for: Podcasts, videoblogging and other original content. It is their goal to make original content sustainable for the independent artist. They host more than 44,000 broadcasters worldwide that manage their material on a daily basis.


#8 megavideo

Offering millions of videos to choose from MegaVideo is a platform for users to upload and share content for other viewers to enjoy. On top of that they offer online secure storage for all your videos, photos, and media.


#9 dailymotion DailyMotion

Daily Motion is a french owned company that allows you to watch and upload videos from your daily events and happenings. It also hosts all the popular and upcoming videos from around the web.


10   Wimp is a user generated, mainstream site that focuses on being family friendly(suitable for all ages). They feature all genre of videos, not just funny or entertaining. Educational, scientific, inspirational just to name a few.


So if your looking to share your content online, get recognition for your genius, or just relax and catch up on the new viral videos of the week, we hope this list satisfies all your video needs.