We’ve always wanted to play PS2 games on our PC. Well, now you can finally play your PS2 games without many issues using the PCSX2 v 0.9.8 emulator for Windows and Linux, created by the same team that brought you PCSX (a Sony PS 1 emulator).

It’s been 2 long years in development, but the improvements made are well worth the time. This step by step guide will help you install PCSX2 v 0.9.8 emulator and play PS2 | Playstation 2 games on your PC.

Just a note: Norton Anti-Virus is falsely reporting as a virus, here is the report to prove that it is safe. (Virus Report)


Downloading differs depending on what OS you are on.

Full installer: 12.1MB / exe: Download
Web installer: 3.05MB / exe: Download
Binaries: 2.72MB / 7zip: Download

NOTE: Full installer comes with Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, which you would use for offline installs of PCSX2. Web installer optionally fetches the Redists from Microsoft.com, if you do not have them already installed on your machine.

Binaries: 2.85MB / 7zip: Download

NOTE: On Linux you can fetch the binaries or simply use launchpad

Archive: 10.0MB / 7zip: Download

Steps to Downloading:

STEP  1: Click on download link above

STEP  2: Choose components, We are doing a full install for purposes

NOTE:  The full install will automatically install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables if needed

STEP  3: Run Set-up Wizard

Choose directory where you store your roms



  • There is a totally new threaded GUI including Widgets to make the entire experience better for you.
  • Newly provided Linux Support, with a cross platform UI. So any changed will affect Windows and Linux the same.
  • New memory card manager.  Including such new characteristics as custom nameable(or downloaded) cards and sizes varying from 8-64MB
  • Improved host file systems and ELF loading support
  • New patches and hacks are auto applied by default
  • New VU compiler named microVU which brings higher compatibility to the older superVU recompiler
  • New VIF unpacker recompiler which is more secure and precise than the previous version
  • Improved SPU2-X sound plugin which boosts sound generation, providing new audio outputs and filtering options improving compatibility
  • 65% games are totally playable and, 85% are “ingame” 1500 total games for you to enjoy!

There are several new changes to the GUI as well which include:

  • Totally new menus that give quicker config options
  • Anytime pause and resume options. Completely safe and effictive
  • Anytime setting options,  configuration plug-ins as well
  • Several new options that make game play way more fun
  • Hew tips on how to use settings and options
  • Brand new config with a friendlier UI, Including a set-up wizard, defualt reset buttons, as well as global pre-sets
  • Games come translated with many languages to pick from
  • Usable with Aero Glass, and Windows Eye Candy too
  • Greatly improved for Linux!!

Many significant changes have been made to the core to boot:

  • The emulation core has been debugged, doctored up, and given a general face-lift
  • Innumerable bugs and code generations have been remedied for better game-play
  • All new VIF complier
  • GS rewrite makes for accelerated and balanced improvements from previous versions
  • The database recognizes the game that is being played, and will automatically apply any applicable patches or fixes needed

  • GSdx is way faster and consistent than any previous versions
  • SPU2-X is now the desired plug-in for this software having evolved, all the SPU2 quirks allowing it to run many many more games!!