PC giant Microsoft has sent out a press release this past week to announce that their CEO Steve Ballmer will be stepping down from his position and retiring within the year. This could mean big changes to Microsoft though a new successor has yet to be announced. Find out the latest about the Steve Ballmer retirement after the jump.  (more…)

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The Microsoft Xbox One in a lack of better terms was a bit shaky during the first announcement. Most of the issues that potential users were upset with in the upcoming video game console has been reversed though if you were hoping to pick up the Xbox One console without the Kinect attachment camera then you’re you’re out of luck.  (more…)


Just this week Microsoft have announced their launch titles for the upcoming Xbox One. Following suit is Sony with the PlayStation 4. Find out what video game titles you can pick up along with the PlayStation 4 once the console launches. We included a guide to showcase what video games have been marked exclusive and those that will be available for both the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4. (more…)

Xbox One unboxing

The anticipated next generation video game consoles are just around the corner. Launch dates haven’t been fully revealed for the Xbox One but that hasn’t stopped pre-orders to start coming in. Recently Microsoft has showed off the latest video game titles that will be available to pick up on the day of the Xbox One’s  launch date. (more…)


Microsoft is making a few big changes to their Live marketplaces. The days of having to buy Microsoft Points are long gone and more simple way of purchasing content is here. Find out the just what that means to your Microsoft Points now and when the Windows Live Marketplace will be closing after the jump.  (more…)


When it comes to ranking operating systems I think we can all agree that Windows XP was one of the more popular choices to run with. The new Windows XP at the time brought a new look and relativity it was easy to manage. Though time has change and since Windows XP was first released, Microsoft has moved onto three different operating systems which means support for the once popular Windows XP is coming to an end and that could bring in several big malicious attacks for the OS. (more…)

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Microsoft is doing their best to bring out a revolutionary next big video game console. We all can admit that Microsoft didn’t have the most smooth sailing Xbox One video game console announcement. Now that the heavy waters are starting to settle for the Xbox One, a new storm is beginning to brew. Today Microsoft has announced that their upcoming Xbox One video game console will be delayed for 8 countries. Find out what countries are missing out on the latest Xbox One after the jump. (more…)

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Now with E3 over both Sony and Microsoft are slowly revealing new exciting components and features that their upcoming video game consoles will hold upon their respected launch date. Microsoft has just announced a new feature that will be coming with the Xbox One video game console. If you’ve been worrying about your Xbox One overheating, you won’t have to stew on that thought much longer, find out why after the jump. (more…)

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Microsoft has announced that their upcoming next generation video game console known as the Xbox One will still need a Gold subscription in order for most of its features to be available. This isn’t anything new or unexpected since the previous video game console Xbox 360 has very similar standards. Microsoft did mention about Gold subscription sharing during E3 this year but it wasn’t until now that we’re finally get details about this new concept.  (more…)

Xbox One unboxing

The Microsoft Xbox One had a little shaky start but now that the smoke and rubble has cleared of what was the DRM standards for the Xbox One things are looking up. Microsoft may not be holding a new event to reintroduce the Xbox One but they are posting a new video with Major Nelson completely unboxing the upcoming video game console.  (more…)