The Amazon Kindle Fire was quickly accepted upon its first release, the tablet sported a nice price tag and at the time became a great buy. However, once the Nexus 7 released, the tide changed and the Nexus 7 became the more popular choice in purchasing. However, if you wanted to receive the full Android experience on your Amazon Kindle device, it turns out that achieving this desire is possible. (more…)

Google’s Android operating system is best known for its wacky and fun desert names. They are often more memorable than something brought out from other operating systems. You can simply name a desert and most Android users will know exactly just where that particular stands rather than having numbers with random points. However, it seems that Key Lime Pie may actually be the next OS name for the upcoming Android OS update. (more…)


Google Play has been a huge success with their ever popular Android operating system that has taken up the market in several manufactures putting their smartphones in the ringer with the Google Android stamp of approval. Just like any marketplace for smartphones, you can find all types of applications, games and of course media. Books on your smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular and the fact that there is a new feature that enables you to pre-order a title before the release certainly tells a story of its own. (more…)

Online media content really boomed in the past few years making YouTube one of the biggest online media content hubs. Anyone can jump online and toss up a video on the website right now and while not everyone can expect success from Google’s YouTube, quite a few has received a massive recognition from the website. Today YouTube’s Maker Studios can bring out premium content a bit easier now that Time Warner has jumped on board and tossed out $40 Million to the company. (more…)

After supporting Chromebooks that were designed and manufactured by companies like Samsung, a new rumor seems to point that Google is actually looking into making their own Chromebook. This will be a Chromebook with the Google branding which is similar to the line of Google’s Nexus 7 devices that is currently being offered from Google. (more…)

Google is a huge corporation. You can’t stumble online without hitting one of their features or websites. Everything from their online search engine to YouTube, Google has several online media content. Over the years, the company has tried new ideas and concepts, we’ve seen them create their own social media website, smarpthones, tablets and even seen a new concept called Google’s Project Glass. Though there is a new rumor brewing up that shows Google turning into a new mobile phone carrier. (more…)

The Google Nexus 7 can’t stop receiving positive feedback especially since Google recently changed up the lineup. Now that we have a 16GB model pushed down to the original 8GB model price and a brand new 32GB model within the market, users are starting to enjoy the tablet a bit more now there is actually room to store media. Although, one Nexus 7 user found the device had melted down from some malfunction inside the device. (more…)

Google’s popular Nexus 7 lineup had a few changes earlier. Upon the launch the Nexus 7 there were several praises for the device though there is one con that quickly turned away from the tablet. There was a lack of memory within the device with no options of a microSD card slot. This new change up quickly got rid of the Nexus 7 8GB model and replaced it with the Nexus 7 16GB model. (more…)

Seeing just how far a gadget can go is always fun to watch. There’s drop test to water tests, you can find just about any gadget go through the ringer. Though there is one series available online that is less of a stress test and more for advertisement and entertainment. Blendtec’s latest video takes not only the latest iPad Mini but the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire to their blender. The question remains the same, will it blend? (more…)

There are several factors when it comes to what tablet and smartphone is right for you. There are hardware, carriers, future updates, operating system and now its becoming more relevant on what applications are available. Apple’s app store has always been at the forefront of the competition when it comes to the sheer number or quality of apps with Google’s Play Store always playing catch, but giving stiff competition in recent years . Google has just announced that they have over 700,000 applications in their market. (more…)