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There’s a whole lot of talk about the upcoming about the upcoming Google Android update. This is said to be the big jump to Android 5.0 with the rumored and practically official name of Key Lime Pie. Though without official word, we can’t give the stamp of approval on the name just yet. However, until Google announces the latest 5.0 update, we do have a smaller update and possibly the last minor update before the 5.0 releases. (more…)


There’s a brand new leaked video that made its way online. This time its from Google and we’re finding out about a brand new Chromebook that is in the works. Simply called the Chromebook Pixel and it seems to be more focused on the display so we’re unsure of the specifications or the features quite yet but you can view the leaked video after the jump. (more…)


We’ve reported the other day that Google is rumored to be announced that their next big update would be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie around May of this year during Google’s developers conference. However, even though there is a rumored major update to the Android firmware, we still are getting a few minor updates to the current Jelly Bean operating system. (more…)


Google’s Android operating system has been a very popular OS in several smartphones and tablets. I would feel safe to say that one of your devices at home is Android operated. One thing Google is known for when it came to naming their OS updates is by giving them a sweet desert type name. From Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly bean. Though it seems the next OS update will be 5.0 and some leaked documents refer to the 5.0 update as Key Lime Pie. (more…)

It seems that Google is not the only company trying to capture a world filled with augmented reality as a brand new product called Meta was revealed. This is a new product that is still in development but the company is promising big things for these glasses. We’re thrilled to see new devices like these roll out onto the market but until then we can just drool over the features and even the video supplied for the upcoming Meta. (more…)

Google has a ton of popular services. Though one service that tends to shine the brightest is YouTube. The popular video hosting service allows users to stream entertaining videos or will allow you to post a video of your own to entertain viewers. However, we can start to see just how much money Google’s YouTube really can produce thanks to PSY and his popular Gangnam Style. (more…)

Google has a few devices made available on the market today. You have such devices as the Nexus 4 smartphone and the Nexus 7 tablet. One product that was tough making the market to only get pulled down today is the Nexus Q. It seems that Google has decided to get rid of this product after having a few issues making the official launch date. (more…)

Google’s answer to Android users for a marketplace is the Google Play Store. Though for the longest time, users who leave a comment from downloading and using an application couldn’t receive a real answer back from the developers. Now it seems that Google is starting to allow developers the option to respond to users comments. (more…)

Google Glass made a huge impact upon its announcement. This was the first time true augmented reality was becoming something we could actually use on a daily basis. Though there is still no set features list available just quite yet that is according to the project leader Babak Parviz. (more…)

As we move to the new year, we take a look of top tablets that is currently on market today. Now that the holidays are over, maybe you can score a few new deals before 2013 starts up. Check out what our top five picks of Android tablets are right now. Read our list after the jump. (more…)