macbook air

There has been a few rumors and reports for what would be announced at this years Apple WWDC 2013. One of the biggest rumors that has been tossing around online was the new MacBook Air models. Today Apple has just announced the new 2013 MacBook Air lineup. Find out how Apple has improved the new MacBook Air notebooks from the previous generation. (more…)


Apple has today announced the next operating system for the Mac known as the OS X Mavericks. With the new operating system, OS X Mavericks will come with a ton of new features and additions to better improve the overall use of Apple’s Mac. Find out the new features being brought out for the new operating system after the jump.  (more…)


There’s a few events and expos happening this month. We have Computex going on now which is coming to a close, E3 is next week and of course there’s Apple’s WWDC event that will be held Monday. We could be seeing quite a few new announcements from Apple though there are no confirmations or early leaks just yet to showcase what exactly will come from this event. (more…)

iPod Touch

When it comes to listening to music there are several options and formats. The MP3 format has been a huge hit and there are several devices all over the market today that offers users to store MP3′s with the ability to listen through them on the go. Though the biggest device and manufacturer seems to Apple and their biggest seller happens to be the iPod Touch and today Apple has announced that they are bringing a new 16GB model to the latest iPod Touch generation.  (more…)


Apple is known for bringing out some very high-end products. While it doesn’t matter if you’re buying it for the device’s sole purpose or for the brand name, one thing is for certain, Apple products will cost you a bit of money. One price that may be a bit outrageous to look at is the screen repair for the latest iPhone 5 which can really only be repaired through Apple.  (more…)

iphone disabled

Ever come across the dreaded iPhone is disabled error before? This is often a cause of inputting the wrong password multiple times and with that can bring out some long wait times before you can access your iPhone once again. If you don’t have the time to wait or your iPhone seemed to have locked you out for an outstanding amount of time. We have an easy guide on how to fix the error and bring your Apple iPhone back to normal use.  (more…)


A new exciting Kickstarter showed up today especially if you love video games and wanted to create your own. Creating video games can be a hassle if you’re completely new at it, there’s designing, coding and it can be tricky and a very long process. However, what if you could simply draw your video game out, took a picture and the software would handle the rest allowing you to play through your video game along with other user creations? That’s all becoming possible now thanks to Pixel Press. (more…)


A brand new tweak was launched on Cydia allowing users to get rid of not only the title bar but the toolbar as well. Users can now have choice to view their applications in full screen rather than having to force over some much need space. After all, Apple’s iPhone display doesn’t give very much room and establishing more space is a pretty key element when you rather focus your attention to a certain application. Find out all about the latest FullScroll tweak right now. (more…)


There’s an app for just about anything and that phrase made famous from Apple is clearly showing some legitimacy. Apple is closing in on a very big milestone since they first brought out their marketplace. The official countdown has begun for 50 billion downloads. This milestone does come with some very outlandish rewards for that single person who hits the 50 billion download. (more…)

Apple has sent in a few more patents in for the mark of approval. Through these new patents made by Apple, we may actually see a different design for upcoming Apple iPhones. Though this is just a guess, the patents themselves are real. Find out what Apple may have in store for future devices and what this would mean to the overall designing stage. (more…)