Along side of the Apple iPod Nano and iPhone 5 announcement comes another update to the line of Apple iPod Touch lineup. We’re looking at the latest fifth generation iPod Touch, we have all the little news updates and features that you will be seeing upon launch, there’s even a variety of color option you can choose from, something we haven’t see reach the lineup for the iPod Touch. (more…)

Apple wasn’t done yet with announcing new products. Along with the highly anticipated iPhone, Apple has announced their latest iPod Nano. This new generation of the Nano has taken a pretty big step from the last available generation, in fact it looks like a miniature Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, we have the latest features and specifications on the new iPod Nano for Apple’s press event. (more…)

Those of you who have waiting for the next generation of the iPhone can now finally get a look at the new handset. Today at Apple’s press event, the company has announced the iPhone 5 along with the latest features and specs. Find out right now if some of the supposed leaks, features, reports and rumors were true. (more…)

Those who often purchase e-books may find that prices are starting to drop drastically. Most often people purchased e-books to read on their tablets and Kindles. No longer did you have to worry about the space on where you would store your collection books when instead you can store them digitally. However, the costs of some e-books has been deemed over priced. (more…)

There has been a ton of concern over the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. We may not know exactly what it will hold or all the fancy features Apple has in store for it just yet but those who are already wanting to make the jump may have one thing against them, the new dock connector. Apple seems to have changed the way you charge and connect your iPhone 5, however, you won’t have to worry about it too much thanks to the Auris. (more…)

Are you tired of vigorously tapping away on your touchscreen display? This can be some what a pain, its always easier using physical keys and perhaps some of the craze of a touchscreen may have died down. Though, there is a new company that has a physical keyboard that goes right on your display allowing you to press a button rather a flat screen. (more…)

Doesn’t matter if you’re an Apple fan or not, we’re all waiting to see what exactly the company is coming out with next. Everyone should have the date marked down on their calendars for tomorrow. We’re not sure what will be announced but there has been several reports, leaks and rumors that will has got everyone excited to see what will be coming out next. (more…)

Just like with films, there are a ton of ways to listen to your favorite music. Services like Grooveshark, Spotify and of course the big one, Pandora, has offered us a way to listen in on several online stations of music that we personally enjoy and on top of that, we can discover new songs and bands. However, Apple is rumored to take a stab at the business as well. (more…)

Those who have an Apple iPad and enjoy creating art may want to give this new product a look over. There are a few solutions that allows you to sketch and draw on the go using the Apple iPad but they can often be limited in the techniques and features. However, this new stylus by Pogo may have solved those issues. (more…)

The latest generation of the Apple iPhone has yet to be released or even officially announced. However, that hasn’t stopped a whole slew of leaks, rumors and even reports. Though, some of these reports, rumors and leaks very well could be false either way the highly rumored and anticipated iPhone 5 could be announced this month. Our latest leak involves the upcoming SIM cards. (more…)