There are several factors when it comes to what tablet and smartphone is right for you. There are hardware, carriers, future updates, operating system and now its becoming more relevant on what applications are available. Apple’s app store has always been at the forefront of the competition when it comes to the sheer number or quality of apps with Google’s Play Store always playing catch, but giving stiff competition in recent years . Google has just announced that they have over 700,000 applications in their market. (more…)

Google is on a roll with their announcements even without holding a press event. This will be Google’s second take on the Nexus tablet after their recent release of the Nexus 7. Could this be the tablet to take on Apple’s iPad? Check out the latest specifications and features that the new tablet has to offer. (more…)

Online radio streaming services has been very popular in the past few years. There are several streaming services popping up to offer the same service that others have paved the way for. Thanks to ad revenue, most services manages to stay afloat as they stream popular songs, bands and genres to its users. Now it seems Apple is ready to jump on board and bring their own online radio service as well. (more…)

Along the with the Apple iPad Mini, Apple has announced the latest generation of the iPad. This tablet goes on with even better specifications and features. Those who are looking for a tablet, you have two more options to pick from in the flooded market. (more…)

Apple is always making their products thinner, faster and more convenient with each new generation launch. Their designs stay the same with a very sharp and crisp aluminum feel. Earlier Apple has held an event that showcased their launch of a few new products. In the mix was their latest edition of the iMac and the display is insanely thin. (more…)

After several leaks, rumors, reports and speculations, Apple has finally unveiled their latest product, the Apple iPad Mini. In case you missed the announcement, we have the latest specifications and features that will be coming with the new tablet. (more…)

The internet is home for some pretty fun media productions. When it comes to tech, you can find just about any stress test out there. From drops, water to even firearm tests, tech gadgets that are highly anticipated go through the ring of extremes just to find out how strong they really are. (more…)

Those of you have an Apple iMac may be a bit weary of the hard drive that is stored inside. This is a 1TB Seagate hard drive that very well could fail for those users that own the iMac from October 2009 to July 2011. So those with that particular system can swap out their hard drive for a more efficient 1TB hard drive free of charge from Apple. (more…)

Applications can really be a huge deciding factor when you choose a smartphone. Apple’s iPhone has the collection of application from Apple Marketplace. Google’s Android users has the Google Play Store and last but not least, RIM has BlackBerry App World. RIM has a ton riding on their upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system and their handsets but right now the company is accepting applications from developers. (more…)

There is non-stop talk about the supposed Apple iPad Mini talk. There are a ton of third party companies getting ready to start making cases, folks with rumors and reports and even leaked photos of the device that has yet to even be officially announced. Though, if Apple were to announce this device, we will most likely hear about it in their upcoming press event held later this month. (more…)