The Apple iPad has become a very popular tablet and one that does well on the market. Several manufacturers hope to bring out a tablet that will meet the standards that Apple requires for its line of products. However, if you though the Apple iPad, more specifically the iPad 4 was lacking in storage space then we have some good news for you. Turns out Apple has officially announced the iPad 4 128GB model. (more…)

RIM’s launching date for their upcoming operating system and the line of devices to follow the BlackBerry 10 is getting closer and closer. With January 30th just around the corner, we receive a little bit of news here and there on the OS and devices, mostly its on the latest BlackBerry Z10. Though the latest bit of news comes in a format as a video. (more…)

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire this past week on Apple possibly making a new cheaper iPhone. However, that seems to be completely false as Phil Schiller chimes in on the possibility of the cheaper iPhone and sets the media straight as where the future of Apple stands with their line of products and their price point. (more…)

With the new year comes a new set of bugs, at least that is if you own a iPhone with the latest iOS 6 operating system. While it may have become an annoyance to most people who have found their iPhone received this bug, Apple’s response may not actually help their day out. Turns out that this bug will eventually fix itself and Apple has given a date in which this bug will most likely disappear. (more…)

Christmas is over, yeah the constant wonder of whats in those brightly colored paper covered over the different boxes has been solved. We hope everyone had a spectacular holiday season this year though we know one family had a bit of an unexpected mishap during their Christmas morning. Seems as though one unfortunate family received an iPhone 5 that was stolen after being purchased through (more…)

Apple is quickly selling their devices, recently Apple had the China iPhone 5 launch which they managed to sell over two million devices in just three days. That’s some very big numbers being tossed around but unfortunately quite a few of these devices will be facing a faulty update that will cause their batteries to drain rather quickly. (more…)

Apple recently launched their latest generation of the iPhone known as the iPhone 5 in China this past week. The numbers were quite pleasing and a bit shocking for the Apple as the company managed to sell over two million devices within just three days of its launch. This just proves how popular the Apple iPhone 5 is even after its initial first launch of the device. (more…)

Apple is a brand that continues to rank in money. They make high-end devices and their build quality is outstanding. Though even their previous works sells for a pretty penny. We see countless devices even only a few years old sell for a quite a sum of money though its amazing to see an Apple I computer for $640,000. (more…)

Through out the existence of Apple’s application marketplace, users were able to purchase apps, music, movies and other types of media but was unable to gift them to a love one. Though anyone was able to purchase a gift card for a specific value and in return could give a love one the gift card to make purchases from Apple’s marketplace. Though with iOS 6 a new update finally allows the use of gifting applications. (more…)

Ever misplaced your Apple iPhone? You dropped a pretty penny to get the device and now its gone. Not only do you have to retrace your steps if you can remember where exactly you dropped the Apple iPhone but you can still have trouble locating the device. Apple brought a great application to help you find your lost iPhone but this new update takes it to a whole new level. (more…)