Some owners of the Kindle Fire HD may not be fully satisfied especially if those particular users don’t use any of the Amazon services. The team that makes CyanogenMod has finally released a ROM that will turn your average running Kindle Fire HD into a full Android tablet. Learn more about the ROM after the jump. (more…)

Another smartphone enters the market from the markers of ZTE. The market is filled with several Android OS smartphones and thanks to ZTE we have yet another smartphone to throw into the mix. This new smartphone is known as the ZTE V987 and we have the latest details on this particular smartphone after the jump. (more…)

CES is just around the corner and the teasers are flying in. Not too many gadgets and gizmos will get revealed until at CES but this doesn’t stop companies from showcasing a few teaser videos of what will be revealed at the expo. LG is one company that is showcasing a teaser video that shows off the LG Optimus G2, a smartphone that will be making a full unveiling this coming week. (more…)

Android tablets have flooded store shelves and online markets. There’s practically a style, concept or a price range tablet for just about anyone right now which makes picking up an¬†accessory¬†or two may also be on mind. For the most part, companies and manufactures have been selling Android tablets fairly well to those who just can’t justify at the price of an Apple iPad. Whatever be the case for picking up an Android running tablet, you’ll soon notice the large selection of accessories. Choose your poison, from cases designed for on the go travel to keyboards turning your tablet into a more netbook style. Akascope has the absolute top six accessories to snatch up! (more…)

As we move to the new year, we take a look of top tablets that is currently on market today. Now that the holidays are over, maybe you can score a few new deals before 2013 starts up. Check out what our top five picks of Android tablets are right now. Read our list after the jump. (more…)

Access to media is severely important in practically any device we browse and purchase in today’s market. From tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Bluray players, computers and more, we all search around to make sure we can get access to a certain online media content from that device. While its not necessarily needed, its without a doubt one of the more practical bonuses you can obtain from a specific device. Vudu for one is now finally added into market for Android running devices. (more…)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone is not only a very popular handset but one that is a bit more high-end than others. When you’re in the lookout for a new smartphone, there’s a few key features and specifications that most users will look into. Having a high-end smartphone may not shine as well as they others if it doesn’t have the battery life to back it up. (more…)

The Amazon Kindle Fire was quickly accepted upon its first release, the tablet sported a nice price tag and at the time became a great buy. However, once the Nexus 7 released, the tide changed and the Nexus 7 became the more popular choice in purchasing. However, if you wanted to receive the full Android experience on your Amazon Kindle device, it turns out that achieving this desire is possible. (more…)

Google’s Android operating system is best known for its wacky and fun desert names. They are often more memorable than something brought out from other operating systems. You can simply name a desert and most Android users will know exactly just where that particular stands rather than having numbers with random points. However, it seems that Key Lime Pie may actually be the next OS name for the upcoming Android OS update. (more…)


Google Play has been a huge success with their ever popular Android operating system that has taken up the market in several manufactures putting their smartphones in the ringer with the Google Android stamp of approval. Just like any marketplace for smartphones, you can find all types of applications, games and of course media. Books on your smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular and the fact that there is a new feature that enables you to pre-order a title before the release certainly tells a story of its own. (more…)