Who hasn’t heard of Pandora the popular online streaming radio service website. Everything is streaming now from movies, books, video games to of course music. As several online free streaming radio services offer users new bands in their particular interest, they still have to fork over a pretty pennt to music labels and musicians. They are now asking congress to pass a new law to cut down on royalty cost. (more…)

HTC has a new smartphone soon to be released. We’ve heard a few rumors and seen a couple leaks on this particular handset but as of today, HTC has officially announced the HTC Droid DNA. This new smartphone will be heading onto the Verizon Wireless carrier. Find out some of the latest specifications and features along with two new promo videos released with the handset announcement. (more…)

Throughout the years, we moved slowly to a touchscreen display within your phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets that we use on a daily basis. Now we’re at the point where touchless devices could be the next best thing. Elliptic Labs has a new video that demonstrates this new technology on Microsoft’s Windows 8. (more…)


Do you have an older Motorola smartphone? This could be a promotion that you may want to take part in. As technology advances the requirements to jump on new updates and firmwares also becomes a bit more advance in what components will be compatible. Now Motorola has a new promotion for those who own a older smartphone that can’t make the Google Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system jump. (more…)

The Call of Duty series has been very popular and with the release of Call of Duty Black Ops, the craze reached a new high. Not only did gamers receive a fun story line and multiplayer but also a new feature that surrounds gamers with zombies. Who doesn’t love bringing down a zombie horde? We’ll news of Black Ops 2 and the future of Zombie mode made gamers head to their local GameStop for the midnight launch, though some are finding a major problem with the PC version of the game. (more…)

We’ve said this countless times, when it comes to tablets, the market is flooded with them. With that said, sometimes a few new tablet releases are quickly washed away by the side with other companies throwing their own creation to the mix. You can find just about any tablet for any use on the market but today a new tablet was announced that may sell rather well  for those who are aspiring chefs or just like good food. (more…)

When it comes to gaming PC’s you can completely build your own. This has become a very popular choice to run with as PC gaming allows users to fine tune their system and swap out older components to add new and improved alternatives. Although, when it comes to gaming notebooks, customization isn’t very much an option but there are a ton of great gaming notebooks available on the market today that will suite you for the long run. Maingear is one company that has brought out their latest addition to the gaming notebook family, the Nomad 15. (more…)

The Google Nexus 7 can’t stop receiving positive feedback especially since Google recently changed up the lineup. Now that we have a 16GB model pushed down to the original 8GB model price and a brand new 32GB model within the market, users are starting to enjoy the tablet a bit more now there is actually room to store media. Although, one Nexus 7 user found the device had melted down from some malfunction inside the device. (more…)

Google’s popular Nexus 7 lineup had a few changes earlier. Upon the launch the Nexus 7 there were several praises for the device though there is one con that quickly turned away from the tablet. There was a lack of memory within the device with no options of a microSD card slot. This new change up quickly got rid of the Nexus 7 8GB model and replaced it with the Nexus 7 16GB model. (more…)

How far will you got to get the most out of your gaming experience. When it comes to PC gaming, you will find that there are PC’s dedicated for just gaming but some find building their own gaming machine provides more use. Not only do you get to go through your system with a fine brush to make sure you have all the necessary components and needs but you can also decide how much you want to spend on a specific feature. Today AMD launches their FirePro S10000. (more…)