The future is here, we now have robot doctors, sorta. FDA takes in a huge amount of considerations before it passes anything in the medical field but their latest approval will allow robot doctors. This can be a huge advancement in not only the medical field but for technology as well. Find out more about these robot doctors after the jump. (more…)

Google has a ton of popular services. Though one service that tends to shine the brightest is YouTube. The popular video hosting service allows users to stream entertaining videos or will allow you to post a video of your own to entertain viewers. However, we can start to see just how much money Google’s YouTube really can produce thanks to PSY and his popular Gangnam Style. (more…)

You may have recalled the Pebble Smartwatch Kickstarter last year. The project was very successful but getting the watches was a different story. The team had a few issues in making the September ship date. However, the team has now announced that the first batch of watches are starting to ship out. We’re always given a notice on the application launch date for Android. (more…)

Looking for a tech style film to watch? We have you covered as the latest documentary film on the very controversial file sharing website is about to launch next month. With this new film, we could see a very interesting business model start up. Find out more about the documentary and how you can watch it completely free after the jump. (more…)

A new tablet enters the vast flood of gadgets and gizmos that make up today’s market. This time its from MSI and they are calling it the Enjoy 71. If your looking to enjoy a tablet and yes pun intended, you may want to look into the specifications and features that will make up this new device. Find out more about the MSI Enjoy 71 after the jump. (more…)

There will always be rumors suggesting the latest specifications and features that will make up the next generation console. Latest rumors suggest a PS4 reveal at this years E3 but the Sony CEO talks a little about when the announcement of the upcoming PlayStation 4 really will be. Find out what Kaz Hirai has planned after the jump. (more…)

Seems that everyone is looking to jump on the smartphone bandwagon. We have operating systems trying to take advantage of the handset craze and one new user to the world of smartphones is Mozilla. The team that brings you the online web browser known as Firefox has came up with a smartphone of their own and today we get a little glimpse of the device. (more…)

Kim Dotcom is a somewhat controversial person to the online community. He is most well known for his website that was taken down by US called Megaupload. Now Kim has officially launched a new website called Mega. Within 24 hours the website has received over 1 million users. Find out more about Mega and Kim Dotcom after the jump. (more…)

PayPal has gone mainstream. The service to allow purchasing goods and services while receiving payments right online instantly is starting to make its way through other services. Now one service to allow PayPal in their service is Sony’s PlayStation network. Find out how to access your account to purchase content through the PlayStation network after the jump. (more…)

Gigabyte has revamped their U2442DT gaming ultrabook that was first revealed last year. If your in the market for a powerful ultrabook that will be able to take down the latest video games with ease, you may want to check into Gigabytes latest updated gaming machine. Find out the latest details on the utlrabook after the jump. (more…)