Installous Alternatives 2013

Cydia may have took down the biggest repo that allowed the use to download IPA files but luckily there is some great alternatives to download and install right now. Akascope has compiled the top 12 best Installous alternatives that are currently available through Cydia. Click the “more” button to see our top 11 alternatives right now.

Disclaimer: We’re not affiliated with any applications or alternatives mentioned in this article. While we don’t condone application piracy as developers spent a ton of time to create these applications and with your legitimate purchases developers can continue to create new and exciting applications. However, it is always nice to get a chance to try out an applications before making the final decision in buying the app.


11. Vshare

If you’re not interested in applications that strictly rely on a computer then don’t worry we got you cover. With the use of vShare, users can get the classic feel of Installous by having all of your application management and downloads right on your Apple device. You’ll still need need AppSync but once that is on your device you simply can obtain the vShare through where you can download and fully install vShare on the device. From there its up to the user which applications goes onto the iPhone.


10. I-Funbox

One of the biggest pros for using i-Funbox is that there is an application for your Windows or Mac running computer. The UI is incredibly simple to use which would make this a great alternative to Installous. Other than having the use to obtain applications, i-Funbox will allow users to copy songs and even allow general file management which is not something Apple’s iTunes does very well. While there is a banner and reports going around that you don’t need your iPhone jailbroken, that’s actually a bit misleading because if the soul purpose of using the application is to use for obtaining applications then you’ll need the AppSync app on your iPhone which can only be obtained through Cydia.


9. IPA Search

Here’s a nice little tool into helping you search up IPA files. IPA Search isn’t the most popular alternative out there for Installous but it does earn its stop on the list. This tool will allow users to search up IPA files and even download them right onto your Apple device but when it comes to installing you’re going to need something like i-Funbox to actually locate the applications and make the install. Not the most successful alternative but it does work.


8. IPA Installer Console

There is an application available through BigBoss repo at the current moment called IPA Installer Console. This is another great alternative that we’re unsure how long it will last since the BigBoss repo doesn’t normally carry applications like this. What the IPA Installer Console will do is allow users to download and install IPA files from different sources like IPA Search. Not only does the application allowing you to install IPA files onto your device, the IPA Installer Console will actually allow users to bypass the update check on most applications.


7. AppCake

AppCake is most likely the most well known Installous alternative not only because it does exactly what Installous did but it was competing against Installous while it was still up and running. AppCake can be called a clone of Installous and if that’s all you’re looking for then you’ll want to give this alternative a try. By obtaining the application through the source, users will have no problem navigating through the menus and downloading applications available on the Apple App Store but some that were uploaded through AppCake as well.


6. AppAddict

A fairly new alternative is AppAddict and it actually rather simple to obtain. There’s no little downloads from Cydia needed in fact there’s nothing you need to download directly to get AppAddict. All users have to do is jump online through Safari or any other web browsing application on their device and head to the AppAddict website. Here you’ll get a view of several cracked applications that are able to be downloaded and installed. Nothing beats a simple process but with it being new, there’s a chance that a specific application you’re looking for may not be available through here.
5. IpaStore

Much like AppAddict, IpaStore is another new hosted alternative. If you’re a fan of the process set by AppAddict then you’ll have no problem getting through and checking out IpaStore as its essentially the very same thing as AppAddict. Just jump on the web browser and visit the website to search and obtain applications. is the current URL for IpaStore.
4. Zeusmos

If you’re able to shed a bit of money to get your hands on several applications then perhaps you should give Zeusmos a try. This application has a bit of edge to it. Apparently this Installous alternative was created by a fifteen year old who but that didn’t stop the alternative from picking up and being rather successful. Also, it looks as if users don’t even need a jailbroken device to run Zeusmos but there is a slight catch, you’ll have to shed out $5 per year but that isn’t too bad if you have the cash to spare.
3. HipStore

Another PC related alternative has been HipStore which has focused on users obtaining applications through their computer rather then there Apple devices. This is also a rather simple process if you’re comfortable with downloading applications and transferring them to your device. All that is needed is for you to browse through the website, find your application you’re searching for and download it. Though if you’re a bit lost of what tools to use in order to bring that application over to your iPhone or other Apple device then we recommend using i-Funbox.


2. Panda App

Panda App is a bit universal as it not only caters to the Apple devices but it even carries over applications to Android, Windows and even Symbian phones. This happens to be another website related application download process where users can search up the website and download applications right away. Though if you want to install the app, you’ll have to manually install it by going through your phone or device directory, not the easiest thing to do if you’re completely new the process.
1. Kuaiyong

Lastly we have Kuiyong as an alternative to Installous. This alternative is very similar to Zuesmos where licensing agreements have allowed the use to download paid applications for free. No jailbroken devices are again not needed but there is a slight catch, the interface happens to be in Chinese. Navigating through the menus may be a bit tricky but not impossible. With the help of icons and deductive reasoning, you should have a fairly easy time downloading and installing applications.