You all have heard of the infamous hacking group known as Anonymous but you may not have heard of their younger cousin LulzSec. LulzSec who is a 20-year-old young man named Ryan Cleary living in the UK. Ryan has been caught and formally charged from US prosecutors and could face twenty-five years in federal state prison.

Ryan has been active in the hacking scene merely since he was in his teens. Though, he isn’t as well known as the hacking group known as Anonymous, regardless, Ryan has been able to keep up in hacking skills with the best of them. Now Ryan faces some serious charges, some go back to June 2011 to where he is being charged for Sony Pictures Entertainment from stealing account information.

The more recent charge faces Ryan against Fox’s X-Factor where Ryan is being accused of hacking the companies website and stealing confidential information of contestants who signed up for the television show. LulzSec is now in custody and could face the maximum twenty-five years in jail if convicted.

Source: BBC