School is out for the season and that means notebook deals are popping up. We’re use to seeing the usual Microsoft deals that would allow consumers to pick up a current Windows laptop at specific retailers and from that you are granted a free Xbox 360. However, Sony is now jumping into the competition.

Sony is offering the chance to purchase a notebook and in return you get a choice of either a free PlayStation 3 or a PlayStation Vita. Obviously, if you’re a student getting out of high school and about to take the first steps into the real world of college, you’re going to need a computer. More specifically, a laptop to where you can take from each and every class, write down those notes or on the occasion, browse through Reddit. Although, you’re going to need a gaming sidekick for the dorm and holidays so why not save hundreds of dollars and go for the deal right now.

All you need to do is purchase a laptop from the catalog Sony is providing. You simply find a local retailer who is offering the promotion, these are retailers like Best Buy. The laptop will be at least $750 in order to receive the promotional items. There is even a ultrabook available for that price range called the Sony VAIO T Series, with specs including a 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U Ivy Bridge Processor, with Intel HD Graphics. Though the choice is completely yours to browse through the selection.

Source: The Verge