You may have recalled our recent post on Dish Network’s Auto Hop service. You better believe that this feature would kill on the market, people all over would switch networks to just get this one small add-on but NBC has already spoken out against it.

Just to give you a refresher, the Auto Hop service for Dish Network will allow users to record shows and programing and at 1AM the service will completely remove the commercials in your DVR. This completely eliminates the need to fast forward to catch the rest of your show.

Just as most speculated, this program is not receiving positive thoughts from networks. Within only a week, NBC has already fire off shots at the new service. NBC chairman TED Harbert has said “I think this (Auto Hop) is an attack on our eco-systems. I’m not for it.”

Now, if a chairman has spoken against a service that provider is introducing, you can bet there will be some big changes coming up in the near future. Either a lawsuit will be coming towards Dish Networks way or you can bet will see a sudden lineup change within the service.

Source: Geeky Gadgets