Auto Hop which would be a killer hit on the market, will not likely last very long with the cable companies. After-all a device that can remove all the commercials in a recorded program would dominate the market.

We’ve all been through this before, you want to see a program but rather spend your time watching on-going commercials, you instead record the show and catch it later. Instead, you can quickly fast forward through those pesky lawyer commercials, used car sales and the latest and greatest infomercials. However, what if you could get a DVR that will remove all those commercials instantly, allowing you to watch the program in its entirety.

Dish Network is planning on doing just that. With a new DVR with their own feature created called Auto Hop. This will allow all of your recordings to lose all of their commercials. However, you’ll have to wait until later that night or the day after to watch the shows seamlessly. Once a program is recorded, you would have to wait until 1 AM of that night before the programs are cut and pieced together.

Something tells me that this feature won’t last very long. When companies buy commercials slots, they expect that people will watch or be forced to watch the the short segment before their programming returns. When you cut that out completely, this will bring out some very nasty lawsuits.

Source: Engadget