The big gaming console giants have been fight year after year in hopes to bring out the best gaming console on the market. Microsoft may have a bit of a lead now with their $99 Xbox 360 release. This will give you a Xbox 360 with the Kinect as long as you sign a two-year contract.

With Microsoft’s latest marketing scheme, the purchase of a $99 Xbox 360 Kinect bundle will give you the 4GB console, a Kinect with a Xbox Live Gold month subscription. This is all in hopes to bring more customers on their Xbox Live services. However, even though this may tickle your fancy, you may want to do some math to figure out if this really is an amazing deal.

When you order this bundle you’re agreeing to pay Microsoft $14.99 a month for two years and Microsoft has the right to cancel this promotion at any time. Lets say you take on this deal, after a 24 month term, you would have paid $360. Anyone who plans on canceling their plan will have to face the termination fees. A month into the contact and you feel yourself no longer using the machine, a cost of $250 will be included to terminate the contact. While those who wait longer to cancel will pay less.

Source: Engadget