Samsung has launched the world’s thinnest external DVD writer. Known as the Samsung SE-218BB, this new optical disc drive will give tablets more competition against notebooks. If there was anything that History taught us is that technology grows and becomes smaller, more portable and faster. Could we see optical disc drives equipped in tablets?

The Samsung SE-218BB is not specifically made just for tablets. This disc drive can be used for Windows, Mac, Linux as well but tablets that are running at least Android 3.1 honeycomb with a USB port can have access as well. Because of the sleek design, the SE-218BB can be used practically anywhere to view content from a disc.

With new additions and drives becoming more accessible to tablets, could we see a tablet with some of these drives built within? This would only make more sense, after all Notebooks are becoming thinner and replaced with ultra notebooks and now Tablets are starting to become more powerful and a viable source to replace notebooks and PCs.


Source: Geeky Gadgets