When it comes to watching your favorite programs on portable devices, the picking is slim to none. With different broadcast stations and providers, you get a small range of what devices will sync up with your subscriptions. However, there have been in the past a few companies that have tried to bring the best of both worlds into one cloud service. Unsatisfying with the cable providers, most of those services have been long gone. Regardless of the past, NimbleTV hopes to bring Cloud service TV.

Avoiding any illegal doing, NimbleTV has already been given the green light by several people backing them up including Syfy, TLC, Spike, TNT and several others. What NimbleTV hopes to solve is the lack of Television programming brought to portable devices. Although, there are a few key pieces of information that has yet to be revealed.

For instance, pricing has yet to be covered. There is a expected fee that customers will have to pay. What that covers and what you receive from that is unknown. We understand that there will be a dvr option and a portability option as well. Currently, NimbleTV is in private beta.


Source: Zdnet