According to Digitimes, we might not only see the new iPad 3 during Apples next event March 7, 2012 but a lower-cost 8GB version of the iPad 2. This would make sense on Apple’s part, right now they are fighting a huge tablet market. You have several version of Android stocked in these tablets but that will soon change. Apple never really had a real contender, lets be frank here, while there has been a ton of great tablets ranging from different price ranges, Apple really took over the competition with the iPad.

Again, very soon Apple will have a new opponent with Microsoft’s Windows 8 OS. Having only tablets that are on the high end of the price range might not be the smartest idea on their part. Coming down just in price and equipping a 8GB model of the iPad 2 will not only put the Apple logo in the consumers hands but a run for Microsoft’s Windows 8 money.