Apple, who just released information on their new OS X Mountain Lion, has just been awarded for nineteen patents. One of which might put a scare on other computer manufactures. Awarded a patent for the MacBook Air design could put a halt to other Ultrabooks. This could potentially force consumers to purchase strictly Apple when searching for a thin and light laptops.

Known as patent No. D654,072, Apple could move towards any company that even resembles a light weight or thin looking laptop and claim the company is copying their own ideas. Asus is already in the middle of the inconvenience, recently Apple has spoke with a Taiwanese supplier called Pegatron. Pegatron, who manufactures iPhones for Apple, will soon stop production of Asustek Zenbook.

Right now, Apple does have some threatening control over design. With already a market starting to fill with Ultrabooks, we just have to wait and see how well Apple can fight off the more affordable thinner and lighter laptops.

Source: patentlyapple