In a move we all saw coming eventually; Google has officially announced and released Chrome for Android. The new browser has been made available immediately for phones and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich. Currently the software is in beta, but we expect that Google will be hard at work updating the software and squashing any bugs that they find. Chrome for Android is designed to synergize with its desktop counterpoint with some new useful features. The new mobile browser is based on the same open-source Chromium Project as the Chrome desktop browser, meaning that advances in the technology will be uniform across both platforms. Chrome for Android also features tab and bookmark syncing, password syncing, and autofill syncing.

The new features also come with a new UI and intuitive functionality additions. Not is the UI better, but apparently the browser is even faster in benchmarks than the previous Android browser; Chrome for Android even beat out the iPhone 4S’ Safari browser in Sunspider Javascript benchmarks.

Here is a link to Google’s official blog detailing the changes, and showcasing the browser in a video.