It’s an exiting time at Apple; their iPhone 4S hasn’t really given anything significant to shell out extra cash as opposed to purchasing an iPhone 4. Still, the company are reaping the benefits of the smart phone with the iPhone 4S selling over four million units on day one and continues to perform well commercially. Apple’s next iPhone is inevitably preparing itself for a 2012 release and a recent patent from the firm has hinted at the possibility of a 3D user interface for the iPhone 4S’s successor.

Patently Apple has spotted the patent which showcases the fact that users will be exposed to a fully-fledged 3D user interface. Gestures will be recognized when a hand is floating above an iOS-powered device. The patent can be viewed below:

Indeed, the prospect of not even having to touch practically anything on the screen, as well as the home button via the 3D user interface is intriguing. Although, the iPad – whilst the patent does showcase the iPhone – could be a better choice for the user interface to be implemented into due to the screen resolution of the device.