Barrons is reporting that RIM’s executive shakeup is continuing. The new scuttlebutt is that RIM is preparing to name Barbara Stymiest, an executive at the Royal Bank of Canada, as Chairwoman in the near term. This dovetails with earlier reports that RIM is re-assessing the role that Co-CEO’s Mike Lazaridis, and Jim Ballsillie play in the boardroom. The report also describes that RIM is evaluating the possibility of licensing BB10 to other manufacturers, HTC and Samsung are specifically mentioned.

The latter report coalesces with a BGR report that charges that RIM has cancelled production on two smartphones, in favor of launching BB10 on one model. That phone, codenamed London, is now the flagship device for RIM at a do or die moment. Could the cancellation of the other devices be to make room for potential Samsung and RIM BlackBerry’s?