According to Paul Thurrott, a well-connected, Microsoft-focused blogger, the Redmond software giant will have three LTE equipped Windows Phones on AT&T in the first half of 2012.  The HTC Radiant, the Samsung Mandel, and the previously rumored Nokia Ace will apparently be unveiled in two weeks, at CES. Details are slime so far, but The Verge is reporting that the Samsung Mandel will be larger than the 4.3 inch Focus S. Could a Titan sized Samsung be in our future? What is unclear, is if the Nokia Ace is simply an LTE equipped Lumia 800, or a new phone entirely. Thurrott goes on, even stating the launch date of the Ace, which is apparently March 18, 2012.

Verizon is also set to receive the Lumia 710 after T-Mobile’s exclusivity agreement runs its course. The Lumia 710 (3G only,) is now rumored to launch on Verizon sometime in April of next year.