WMPoweruser scored a coup yesterday. The site acquired a leaked roadmap of Windows Phone’s update schedule for 2012. The leaked slide indicates that the next release, code named “Tango” will see release in Q2 2012. Features are aimed at “Products with the best prices.” As previously indicated, this release looks to focus on allowing the Windows Phone OS to run on more chipsets so that Microsoft’s hardware partners can tackle the mid and low-range smartphone market.

Better for enthusiasts though, is the release currently scheduled for Q4 2012. Code named Apollo, the update aims to “Increase overall volume.” The update aims to accomplish this by focusing on “Competitive superphones,” and “Business.” What exactly that means is not yet clear. But in my wildest Redmond dreams I see a quad-core, portrait QWERTY slider sequel to the underrated Dell Venue Pro. A year from now, we’ll see if that happens, or you know, that other 2012 thing.