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After installing your new OS(Windows 7) there are a few things that will definitely make your life easier. Windows 7 has Apps that range from task management to music to file sharing. There are so many apps available for Windows 7 that you could spend an entire week just trying to find the ones that you would want. This won’t be necessary though. We have created a list of the Top 10 Best Windows 7 Apps that will make your Windows 7 experience so much more enjoyable.



Evernote lets you take anything you can think and makes sure you never forget. Leave notes, screenshots, or voice notes. Evernote takes anything you post and automatically categorizes it and makes it searchable for easy access. You can re-organize your items as you please if you don’t like how it was placed by Evernote. You can even make notes right from Twitter to your Evernote account.


Hulu Desktop Integration

Windows had one of the best media centers in many ways, that’s undeniable. Although it has its problems(as do many other programs)it’s free, and that contributes to the fact. Integrating Hulu into the app seems like a obvious choice. This integration allows users to easily switch between Windows Media Player and Hulu Desktop. This app is mainly designed for people that use their computer in conjunction with their TVs.



iTunes has become a household name in music in the past few years. Lets face it most people have an iPod now a days. This is definitely a popular app even for people that don’t have an iPod. It imports and converts songs, organizes them and makes it just too easy to put on any music device. iTunes allows you to import all your CDs or DVDs to store in one convenient place.


Gmail Notifier Plus

Gmail Notifier puts an icon on your system tray to notify you when you have received a new email. When you receive a new email it will pop up and let you know who the sender is as well as a snippet from the email. This way you are aware of the email and don’t have to open your Gmail if it’s not important.



CCleaner is the #1 tool for cleaning your computer of unused or unwanted files. It cleans and removes files from all your browsers(Temporary files, history, cookies, Autocomplete form history, index.dat) and cleans registry too. CCleaner cleans third party applications as well.



FileZilla is an open source FTP client for your desktop. FileZilla is an easy-to-use FTP that is cross-server for all your editing needs. This is an mostly for web developers and it’s free.


VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an open sourced-media player that supports just about every media type out there. On top of supporting almost any type of file you want to play on it, it offers streaming servers too. With fully customizable toolbars and skins this is definitely worth the download.



Rainmeter is a customization app for your desktop. Not just any old customization app though. Rainmeter offers fully customizable skins, widgets, and floating applets. These applets are much like gadgets or, widgets. At a glance you can keep track of information about your computer including battery life or memory. Rainmeter allows you to customize every inch of your skin.



Skype is a free video calling service for your computer(or cellphone). Not only does it offer free face-to-face calls via this app, it also allows you phone service at 1.2¢/minute. Skype offers conference calls too. This is perfect for talking to all your friends at once or conference calls from work.